National Science Week 2024 – Register for The Big Bloody Slime Experiment

National Science Week 2024 – Register for The Big Bloody Slime Experiment

The Big Bloody Experiment

Everything you need to know

Step one in the Big Bloody Experiment is to register your school on the main page.

This helps us keep track of how many students are involved,
and to send you any updates/results.

Below are all the resources (videos and pdf’s) ready to go.


How it all works

The Big Bloody Experiment is a fun way to find out about blood and all the amazing things it does. The main aim is for those taking part to create fake wounds, and to do that, they first learn how to make fake blood, skin and bruises.
All the instructions needed are in the videos and pdf’s below. The videos are designed to be shown to the class as a whole, and there are introduction and wrap up videos to bookend it all.
Each section (blood, skin, bruises and wounds) is fairly short (maybe 30 minutes with a class), so they can be done one after another, or on separate days. The recipes presented will give great results, but as always we encourage experimenting to make them even better. Of course that will mean writing down what you change and use (otherwise it isn’t science, it’s just messing around!)  



This is all about getting your heads around what is coming up and why blood is so important.

Fake Blood

How to make it and some ideas of other ingredients that might make it even better.

Fake Skin

There is a little cooking involved (3 – 5 mins) at the start of this, but it can be done in advance if you wish.

Fake Bruises

Really quick, really simple and great results. All you need is an eye shadow palette with red, blue, green and yellow.

Fake Wounds

Time to combine everything and make some realistic looking fake wounds. Great preparation for halloween too.


Find out about blood types, insect “blood”, blue blood and even vampires?

And special thanks to…


Lifeblood for helping bring this experiment to life. To learn more about blood donation, or to become a donor visit Lifeblood.

National Science Week

If you only do some science once a year, that is still better than not doing it. So get stuck in and find out what your brain has to offer.


Red Blood Cells

They have no nucleus and look like a donut. But, we’d certainly be lost without them and the oxygen they carry around us.

University of Washington seal

The Big Bloody Experiment is being run by Dr Rob and Experimentary, because we love science (you’re welcome).