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National Science Week 2024 – Register for The Big Bloody Slime Experiment

Top 5 Science@Home Activities – 2021

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Experimentary’s Science@Home activities are pretty popular both at home, as the name suggests, and in the classroom.  Possibly because they pack a lot of science into a short, sharp activity that doesn’t require a lot of resources or forward-planning.  They’re perfect for rainy afternoons when the kids are bored, or for teachers looking for a short activity to fill in a bit of a lesson, or to support other content.

So we thought we’d collate a list of the top 5 Science@Home activities, to help parents and teachers narrow it down a bit and choose the best of the best (according to our subscribers).  When we collated the numbers, four of the top five came in equal-first place, so here is our top five (in no particular order):

Crystal Decoration

We’re not too surprised that this one made the list.  What kid doesn’t love making decorations?  In this Science@Home activity we show you how to use a pretty common product found in the home and use it to create your own crystal decorations, that you can then use to decorate your bedroom, give to your friends as gifts or put on the Christmas tree in December.

Liquid Glass Slime

Anything with the word “slime” in it is worth a look in our book.  And liquid glass?  Well now we’re intrigued as well.   Oozy and gooey, this Science@Home activity is a little bit messy, but in a fun kind of way.  We show you how to make a particular type of slime that we like to call liquid glass…and shhhh…you might actually be doing a bit of chemistry at the same time.

Making Sherbet

After making crystals and slime, you’re probably starting to get a bit hungry.  This Science@Home experiment might help with that.  As well as teaching you a bit more chemistry, you’ll have a fizzy, sour snack at the end of it to share around.


Who doesn’t like playing with paper helicopters?  Nobody, that’s who.  In this Science@Home activity we not only show you how to make and fly your own paper-copter but we explain why it is able to fly.  You can turn this one into a bit more of a craft activity too by decorating your paper-copters as you make them.

Pet Antlion

This is one for the kids who are begging you for a cat or a dog, but need to show that they have the skills needed to look after a pet.  Antlions are amazing creatures, and for this Science@Home activity you should be able to find one hanging out at the local park or playground, or in your backyard.  Once you’ve precured your pet Antlion, you’ll be able to feed it and watch what it does.  What happens after that is pretty amazing (but we’ll let you find that out for yourself).

So there you have it, the top five Science@Home activities of 2021, as voted by our subscribers.  Give them a go next time you’re looking for an activity to keep the kids entertained.

Published December 13, 2021

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