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National Science Week 2024 – Register for The Big Bloody Slime Experiment

Top 5 experiments – 2021

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We’ve got quite a lot of experiments on the Experimentary website now, so if you are having trouble choosing your favourite because there are simply so many good ones to choose from, then we suggest you start with these.  Presenting…the top five experiments of 2021!

5 – Light Fantastic

Basically this experiment involves lasers, so why it isn’t number one we’re not sure…Nevertheless, top five is a good effort so it is worth a look.  A light beam can do some very interesting things when it hits something.  It could reflect, absorb or refract, or even scatter, polarise or diffract. This experiment introduces these concepts through colours and a mirror maze (and of course…lasers!)

4 – Feed the fungus

If getting your little one to feed the dog is a step too far, then get them started by feeding fungus!  It’s like a pet right?  Actually, fungus doesn’t usually have a very good reputation, but that’s probably because most people don’t really understand what it is, or why we need it.  It’s certainly not as cute as a puppy, but arguably it is far more useful.

This experiment involves trying to find the ideal growing conditions (such as feeding it and keeping it at the right temperature) for a fungus (yeast) to grow, measuring as you go.  We also look at the role of fungi in the biological kingdom and explain why it is not only common, but essential.

3 – Motion and Forces

Coming in at number three, Motion and Forces covers some very important physics concepts…plus…you get to crash cars!  We look at the concepts of pushing and pulling and measure how these forces change, right up until the point of impact.  You could say this is a real car-crash of an experiment but that would just be a really bad pun.  To be honest, we’re all about bad (or so bad they’re good?) puns here – it’s just how we roll…

2 – Balancing Act

Second comes right after first, and in this case it was a very close run thing.  We’ve all tried to balance on one leg but do you know just how much of your body you need to use to hold that balance?  In this experiment we take a look at how your body balances, and what you can try to either improve your balance, and ruin someone else’s.

1 – Mini Catapults

Coming in at number one, as the most popular experiment in 2021, is Mini Catapults.  We cover a few things in this great little experiment such as gravity and flight, and you not only get to build your own mini catapult, but you get to fling stuff around too!  No wonder it’s a popular one.

So if you’re looking at the list of experiments on the Experimentary site and thinking that you just don’t know where to begin, get stuck into one of these popular experiments from 2021.

Published December 13, 2021

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