National Science Week 2024 – Register for The Big Bloody Slime Experiment

National Science Week 2024 – Register for The Big Bloody Slime Experiment

Looking for science options for kids?

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It’s all right here.

Setting yourself up with a FREE trial of Experimentary as either a teacher or a parent is by far the easiest way to check out all the amazing experiments and activities we have on offer.

However, to give you a sneak peek, we’ve put together this little blog post to show you what you’ll find in your trial, and why the hands-on approach is so important for learning.

What science options does Experimentary offer?

Once you’ve logged in, you’ll find a wealth of experiments and Science@Home activities to try.  You can search for experiments based on difficulty, time or materials, or by a particular interest.  All our experiments use materials that are easy to find (so you don’t need a collection of beakers, petri dishes or Bunsen burners on hand)!

If you just have time for a quick activity, then head on over to our Science@Home section where you’ll find a whole lot of shorter activities – great for a rainy afternoon at home or to fill in a short session in the classroom.

range of experiments for kidsscience activities for kids

What’s the format for the experiments?

Experimentary is all about hands-on, inquisitive learning.  We’ve set it up that way because so many studies have shown that students have a much more enhanced learning experience when they are “learning by doing”.  It encourages critical thinking and independence and enhances their motivation to learn.

More importantly, hands-on learning is fun!

So with that in mind, all the experiments follow a similar format:

  • Watch the intro video – to see what the experiment is all about
  • Watch the “how to” video – to find out what you’ll be doing to complete the experiment
  • Get started – by gathering your materials, and making some predictions about what might happen
  • Do the experiment – either independently at home or as a group in the classroom
  • Record the results – we even give you a digital lab book to write up your results in
  • Draw your conclusions – did your prediction at the start match the results at the end?
  • Wrap it up – with Dr Rob’s wrap up video.

science experiments for children

Is Experimentary for school…or home?


Experimentary is a great resource to supplement teaching in the classroom.  It’s aligned to the Australian curriculum and experiments are set up to cover all primary school-aged grades.  Experiments can be scaled up (for example our watermelon implosion experiment can involve the whole school!) or down (individuals can work independently).

For parents and home schoolers, Experimentary is a great way for your children to grow their knowledge and love of science without it costing you a whole lot in terms of time and effort.  We’ve worked really hard to make sure science accessible, both through a low subscription fee and with the use of easy-to-find materials.

science at home for kids

Where do I sign up?

Parents can sign up here and teachers here.  We’d also recommend you follow us on Facebook to read some great little stories we put together on all things science.  We look forward to welcoming you into the Experimentary family!

Published December 16, 2020

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